torsdag 25 april 2013

Friendly no kill-shelters, vs PETA's killing of dogs and cats

I think it is sad that PETA tries to defend their position of kill-shelters by attacking the concept of no kill-shelters. They are posing a false dilemma. We can develop friendly no kill shelters where the animals get company by other animals and where they get much attention and love, and where they have good living conditions. Violence is never the solution. We don't have the right to use violence towards other beings.  [See the links at the bottom of this article: ]
With their budget, they could save and treat the animals that they kill. But instead they choose to focus their energy on sexist campaigns, on "happy exploitation"-campaigns, on counterproductive "single issue"-campaigns, on killing dogs and cats, etc.
I am sure that PETA-people are doing the best according to their understanding and they do some good things -just like all people. Having said this, I think it is important that we don't link to them and endorse them, because that will confuse people, increase the popularity of PETA's counter productive campaigns and may result in that they get more donations. One article about PETA's counter productive, "happy exploitation"-campaigns:

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  1. That is a great article!
    Sometimes i get some peta stickers at an event or fair and before i stick them anywhere--usually on envelopes--i cut off the little peta logo in the corner.

    the "i am not a nugget" idea gets shared, but the peta brand isnt direct getting exposure--on my mail. :)