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98 year healthy, old vegan, doctor who worked until 95

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham - 98 years old vegan
Vegan since his 50s, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who retired at the age of 95.

"He believes his healthful lifestyle contributes to his longevity, and he points to Loma Linda's Adventist Health Studies as evidence. 

 Dr. Ellsworth managed his weight by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and then there's his philosophy of life."
"I'm 98 years of age and I practiced cardiothoracic surgery until I was 95. I first tried to be active, working around my yard, doing my pruning and my bushes on my own land so I tried to keep a little exercised doing that. As far as my dietary program is concerned I happened to be a vegan, I've been a vegan for half of my life. I think that's the healthier form of nutrition, I try to maintain calm approach to the problems of life, not worry and threat over problems that come along. I get a good night sleep and if I feel Like I take a nap during the day, so I really try to be as careful as I can, preserving the energy I have.
I quit work when I was 95 because of this I have attracted some publicity from the National Geographics. Incidentally the people I worked with, very much wanted me to continue but I felt I should have spent a little more time at home with my family. I could be working right now, I could do anything that I did then even if I'm 98 now. But I picked 95 as an arbitrary time when I would quit. I've always been inclined to be a vegetarian, my folks were farmers and we had quite a bit of meat available but it never appealed to me to eat animal products, I never drink milk by the glass, I was naturally inclined towards the vegetable type of diet..."
I also would like to recommend World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, see www.worldpeacediet.org

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