lördag 27 april 2013

Campaign against fur - insults and violence is morally wrong

We don’t have the right to make any moral judgment about people’s character- just because someone is heavily indoctrinated by our culture, doesn’t mean that he/she is trying to be evil or mean or to hurt someone else.

And 99% of the world's population is hurting and killing animals daily by their non-vegan choices - including the people wearing fur. There is no distinction.

But the solution is not to insult anyone or to make moral judgments about a person’s character. The solution is a message of love, compassion and nonviolence to everyone, and to educate people out of their ignorance, which is caused by our cultural indoctrination and people's daily exclusion of animals in our meals and other choices, which they have been exposed to since their childhood.
Love and compassion atttracts people and makes people more loving and compassionate. Judging words does the opposite.

Non-vegans usually do not intend to be evil to animals, they are just heavily disconnected to the animals. By their actions they become desensitized and lose their intelligence and connection with animals. It is possible to demonstrate love and compassion towards non-vegans and at the same time not compromising veganism = love, compassion and non-violence toward all living beings. E.g. this former non-vegan who slaughtered many animals was very disconnected: http://www.farmkind.org/
I write more about it here: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/04/veganism-love-compassion-and-non.html

I challenge you all to read the fantastic book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, available here: www.worldpeacediet.org

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