fredag 12 april 2013

My thoughts about The Farm of the Future: Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse

I think it is a very good initiative, except for that they advocate using -and eating fish: "produce vegetables and.. fish year around" [Quote from the 'The Farm of the Future: Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse'-video].
Surely it is not the fish purpose in this world to be confined, used and eaten. Just like it is not our purpose to be confined, used and eaten.

I recommend this:
And the wonderful book World Peace Diet ( )

Me and my wife plan to become totally self-sustained somewhere in the States, and live 'off-the-grid'. We also plan to sell some of our produce and start a vegan café.

My comment to this:

Self sufficient. Grow 6000 pounds of fruits and vegetables per year on 300 m^2 (1/10 of an acre):

----Added 4/13/2013:
Thanks Veronique!
It is also impossible for me and my wife for the moment since we live in an apartment.
However, we plan to buy ourselves our own plot of land in about a year (I will quit my job and hope to be completely off-the-grid, self-sustained, and also some income from selling crops). We plan to buy it in the US for about 5000 USD and then build a geodesic dome (6m diameter x 3m height strawbale dome can be done for about $861, and then some additional costs for housing infrastructure ).
And in parallell with building/after building we will buy seeds and start all the planting.

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