torsdag 11 april 2013

Silke är inte djurvänligt

Inte medlem, men vill gärna svara:

Silke är inte djurvänligt:
"Silk worms. We have just four left waiting to cocoon and it has been a pleasure to watch them and look after them feeding them endless supplies of mulberry leaves never ever satiating their hunger! They are very cute. Notice the yellow cocoon hiding behind the leaf? We adopted 85–95 of them from a young classroom that was using the caterpillars for children to observe life cycles. Respecting animal rights means not using animals at all for our own human purposes. These caterpillars are "hobby" silk worms used as pets, for home silk spinning, and for classrooms. We object to this use but adopted the silkworms when the teachers were overwhelmed by trying to feed so many very hungry caterpillars. We took about half of them away. Sadly, some of the remaining caterpillars were given to children to take home and look after, but being so young (only 5 years old) meant that the delicate babies were subjected to possible over-handling (playing with) and accidental starvation. Some of those caterpillars died. These accidents wouldn't happen if we chose not to view animals as our resources. It is not a matter of how well looked after animals are, it's a matter of not using them at all.

Silk worms used by silk manufacturers are killed inside their cocoons by being boiled alive. This is to prevent the caterpillars from releasing an enzyme used to break open the cocoon when they emerge as moths. Stop participating in this crawl violence by never wearing or purchasing silk products. And avoid using them as pets!"
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