onsdag 12 december 2012

Christmas, presents, give love and life, don't eat pigs

John and everyone else,

I don't think the Creator ever gets upset that any person gives a gift to another person during any time of the year - as long as it doesn't cause suffering to any other sentient being (including animals).

However, if anyone thinks that the Creator enjoys to see a dead body (like the christmas-tradition of eating a killed pig) of a precious big on the table - or a cow or any other animal - then he/she is mistaken. The cows do not feel less pain compared to cats or humans. They love life and don't want to die. Their family is suffering terribly for the loss of their beloved family member, and the murdered animal did also suffer during the terrible atrocity. I stopped eating all kind of animal products this autumn because that I realized this.
Suffering and death to any individual simply doesn't fit with a kind, lovingly and compassionate Creator.

Please awaken your empathy for the beloved and precious non-human animals: http://www.peaceablekingdomfilm.org

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