lördag 13 oktober 2012

Truth, Torah, not to lie, not steal, love of His creation

My reply to a friend:
I hope you are doing well!

I am still pursuing to find and to do the Will of our Creator [with all capabilities that I am given, including intellect]; and in my pursuit I found a multitude of redactions of the Torah and also practises which I don't think reflect the Will of our Creator:
like claimed mass-killings of Kanaanites and the great amount of killings (including sacrifices) of our Creators other sapient creations - His beloved animals.

I am continuing to follow principles in the Torah that I regard to be in accordance with the Will of the Creator:
not lieing, not stealing, and other harmful practises that harm the creation of our Creator - people, animals and environment.
I am also continuing doing what benefits His creation, including loving His creation.

What are your thoughts about this; and what are you learning?

Take care!
Have a wonderful day!
Send my love to everyone!

Learn more in my other blog posts, including documentation of redactions.

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