tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Changes in Torah, errors of Abrahimic religions, Genesis 1 vs Genesis 9

  •  Quote Paul Nel:
    Just in the last 2000 years alone the TaNaKH has been changed many times by interpreters choosing their own interpretations to suit their own agendas.
    And so we have discussions. One cannot state all the obvious in one go - that would take a whole website on its own (and as far as I am aware, none such exists presently. It is a matter of searching and searching and searching, like growing. There is no "one click gets it all" solution.
    Each person here is on a different place on this journey of discovering the truth. And so it must remain. People help each other up when they fall, but they don't force others to be at the same mountain top or valley as they are, for such would cause the other person to miss out on they journey - and the journey is as important as the end. Each person must travel this road at his/her own pace, for it is his/her journey. No one else can walk it for you.

    Read through the posts and you will find lots of information on the matter.
    There are both intentional- and unintentional errors. Unintentional errors would include errors due to poor sight or tired eyes. Reasons for intentional changes would include political or doctrinal agendas. these are the dangerous ones.
    As an example, and very relevant to this group, would be the original diet given by the Creator to His creation at the end of Bereshith 1. And then, as if He had a change of mind, "He" adjusts this diet in Bereshith 9.
    Now, The ONE constant among ALL the Abrahamic religions is that the Creator changes not. He is omniscient and He saw that all He created was tov (good). We cannot have it both ways. Either we must accept then that He did indeed find fault with His creation and original diet and so changed it to incorporate the killing and eating of His other creations, which would mean that the writings is true, OR, we can accept that He never changes, that indeed His creation was perfect, that indeed He is omniscient and do not make mistakes, which means that the writings were redacted.

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