söndag 21 oktober 2012

Torah, moral, intellect, love, compassion

Shalom, peace.

Well, does the Torah contain the instructions of the Creator and is it an infallible book?
I believed that for 10+ years.....

I respect your and everyone elses free will to believe what you believe. I hope that me, you and everyone else will study and just not take any religious book/lifestyle for being true without evidence; and that we should study real factual scholarship, and not the multitude of pseudo-scholarship that is flourishing.

Did you watch this videos from Christine Hayes of Yale University. They are credible, well founded on scholarsip: http://oyc.yale.edu/religious-studies/rlst-145

Surely, there can be errors; but I wonder why so, so few religious persons are studying scholarship about their religion. I for one didn't do this for 10+ years; and if I ever did I had so much of religious baggage and truths that I held to without evidence, that I rejected its conclusions instead of digging deeper into what they taught and what factual basis they had.

The claims of a perfect Torah doesn't stand up for scrutiny. Scholarship demonstrates evidence that Torah and the Bible contains both errors, redactions and contradictions.

Another perspective:
Some moral practises of the Torah that I do not think the Will and Character of our Creator.
Mass-killings (e.g. sacrifices) and allowance of killing the Creator's creations with a soul [there is no proof that they had the Creator's permission/that the Creator endorsed this].
Presumed mass-killings of Kanaanites
Death penalty for those whom work on shabbat.
Death penalty for some kids who behaved in contradiction to the Torah.
Deuteronomy 22:14-22 [the death penalty + the fact that she could get killed without any transgression if she had lost the 'token of virginity' in another way]
Deuteronomy 21:11-14..

And more........

Why? The Creator is the One who has created us and the animals; and we have no right to take the life of what the Creator has given life. Life is precious and highly valuable to the One who created life. So why is it not to some people?

Men are fallible. Men fail in their attempts of understanding the Will of the Creator. The Torah is a mixture of good living-principles; and people who inadvertently/willfully wrote erronously about what they thought was the Will of our Creator.

If I am wrong then please go through the evidence in the lectures above and the vast amount of factual scholarsip they are based on, and prove me wrong.

The Creator gave us our intellect and doesn't want us to just belief in some religious book, because someone else's claims that it is holy and infallible, without any evidence whatsoever [and lots of evidence proving otherwise] of it being an infallible instruction manual from the Creator.

The Creator also gave us love and compassion and want us to use these attributes as well when we interact with all of His creation.

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