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Proofs of Torah, Bible, not being the instructions of the loving Creator

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“Have you abandoned our creator?”
No. I am doing my best to follow the Will of our Creator, to the best of my understanding. This is the purpose of my life and it will always be. Just because I have reached a different conclusion about His Will, doesn’t mean that I have abandoned our Creator.

“Taking away from Torah is prohibited just as adding to.”
According to the redactors whom wrote that passage (and most of Deuteronomy), which according to scholarship occurred much later than when these redactors claimed to have written it.

But how do you know that this passage was inspired by the Creator? How do you know that all that which was in Torah at that time (which according to scholarship was compiled by different authors with different agendas) was the infallible instruction manual of the Creator? How do you know that it wasn’t changed (e.g. at king Josiahs time, it is claimed in the Hebrew Bible that he found the Torah in the ‘temple’ (the scroll had been lost) and after that changed some of the practices of the Israelites [it is very easy for the leadership to do redactions/additions when a document is so rare] .
How do you know that the Creator commanded the Israelites to kill the people and innocent animals of Kan’aan and elsewhere in the Tana''ch [I don’t think He did.]?

How do you know that the authors were honest and sought to do the Will of the Creator? How do you know that the authors understood the Will of our Creator correctly? What is wrong with using our the compassion and love that the Creator has given us and to show it to all His creations, including animals (including not to take their lives )? And to use all of the capabilities we have, our intellect, love and compassion and all facts that are available, and to based on make an as unbiased conclusion as possible about the Will of our Creator?
Why is it safer to assume the Torah to be right (in contradiction with the evidence), than to use the methodology described in the last sentence?
How can it every be righteous to take someones life (and than perhaps defending oneself against someone determined to kill oneself)? Who gave us the right to take any life of an individual, including the animals? How can you know that many of the ancient Israelites (some seem to have disagreed, see Genesis 1 and the vegetable-diet proposed) were right in claiming that the Creator gave them the right to kill certain kinds of His animals?

What way do you think the authors of the Torah used when they tried (if they tried) to understand the Will of our Creator?

“What proof do you have for such a change.”
Proof for Torah not being the infallible instruction manual: I write some evidence in my Facebook-page + including the links [which in themselves contain many good resources to scholarship and archeology related to the Bible, e.g. the lectures of Yale University]. Some exampels: Internal contradictions of Tana’’ch, contradictions with archeology.

What do you think of this link: Link ?

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