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Is a compassionate/nonviolent God and religion compatible with harming animals for meat, milk and eggs?

This is an answer to: But God/Creator, or the Bible or any other religious book or Jesus or any other religious person say we can consume animal foods/use animals for clothes/religious items and other products
For anyone religious and/or for anyone who think it is wrong to harm and be violent towards animals for frivolous reasons:

If you are claiming that God is a loving, merciful and nonviolent God, this must also mean that we can't justify imposing suffering, violence and death on animals for pleasure/convenience or any other frivolous reasons. You must also advocate that we should help and defend those who are defenseless and vulnerable in our society, including many people and other animals.

We don’t have any nutritional need for meat, milk, eggs, and other animal foods [1]. All animals are harmed by being killed because they have an interest of living (regardless of whether they are brutally slaughtered in a slaughter house or are killed in hunting, or are killed painlessly while sleeping, etc.) There is no animal that wants to be killed by us. It is very easy to treat other animals with nonviolence, respect, love and mercy, to treat them as we ourselves want to be treated, and this is also our moral obligation. I stopped consuming animal foods this autumn. This was a very simple choice, and my choice has impacted me very positively both physically and emotionally. And most importantly: I am not longer participating in being violent towards, harming and killing vulnerable, defenseless and sentient beings. I reject that palate pleasure/tradition (including religion)/convenience are legitimate reasons   to justify the needless violence, harm and killing of animals for animal foods (including meat, milk, eggs, honey, etc.). We don’t need any animal foods for our survival or to live a life of optimal health, so consuming animal foods is to harm animals for frivolous and illegitimate reasons.

Animals are vulnerable. Animals are defenseless against the people who are violent towards them and are harming them for frivolous and unnecessary reasons. If you are not a vegan: Stop harming and killing animals for frivolous reasons. Start living as you are preaching: Treat all animals with love, respect, compassion and nonviolence; and help them instead of exploiting the vulnerable of our society. Preach nonviolence with all of your deeds – your message is not consistent or credible if you say that you stand up for nonviolence, but put violence on your body (e.g. leather, down, etc.) and put violence in your body. This includes milk from cows that are exploited and killed at an age of 5, or eggs from chickens that are exploited and killed, or any other animal product. Consuming animal foods perpetuate our society’s view that animals are resources/property, and as long as they are property they will be exploited [Further reading: See note 2]. Furthermore animals are individuals,
not resources, and should be treated as individuals, not as resources.

Don’t say that a loving, nonviolent and compassionate God is advocating completely unnecessary suffering, violence and death on animals with an interest and a wish of a continued existence, and not to suffer; and who definitively doesn’t want to be killed for humans frivolous palate pleasure/convenience/tradition of wearing dead animals, consuming animal foods, etc.

“The most violent weapon on  earth is the table fork.”  Gandhi

Please go vegan! Please live a nonviolent life towards all human and nonhuman animals!
Reject racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, speciecism and all other discrimination and violence!
Note 2. http://law.bepress.com/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1021&context=rutgersnewarklwps

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