fredag 10 oktober 2014

Poem, Love, attachments


Love your kindness, your authencity, your smile.
The caring, the realness, expressions through music,voice, piano,and just being.
The sincerity, desire to be real, willingness to be and to feel.             
I love the deep connection, the relating, connecting when looking into your eyes.                                                      
To stop, to feel, to be vivid and real.. To laugh, to smile, to sing, to talk, to listen..                                                                                
The love of your eyes, the touch of your hand, the beauty, and aliveness of you being.                                                  
Movements, moments come and go.
I want to be real, not hide what I feel.
No attachment, no pain, no fear of loss or gain.
Freedom to love, freedom to be free of boundaries requirements and limitations.
It doesn't feel real to hide what I feel..
To dare to express what you feel, without the attachment that you can lose someone else.. Live and love without losing..
You are Life, you can't lose yourself..
Only your direct connection with yourself if you are not bring real.     
Relating, loving, expressing love without attachments or fear.  moment by moment, relating, loving as if this moment was your last. 
To just be, without being afraid of what the other will think, or playing a role to make the other person happy.
Not to attach myself to the fear of a tear.
Or fear  of being abandoned or rejected.
Dare to live, to love, to express Your truth.
No regrets.

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