torsdag 6 november 2014

Poem - Beautiful, sprouting flower

So much potentiality
Blooming flower
Sprouting flower
Leaves are hanging down.
Forgot about purpose
Got winded up in identities 
In worries and doubts.

Don't worry
Just be
A precious flower
Let the rain water you
Wash away your identities
And the problems
Created by you identifying with something you are not.
Let life flow through you.
From your root 
Let it flower all through you

Oh, precious, beloved flower.
Life is easy if you just stay
connected to the Source.
connect to the Source of Love
let Love flow all through you
Just observe your attachments
To thoughts, people, identities,objects. 
And they will fall away.
And you will be free.
Connected to the source.
love will flow,flow,flow
In to your every cell.
Filling your whole being.
When you rid yourself of all attachments 

Oh precious,beautiful Flower.
Oh precious child.
Just be.
Just be
and you will be free.
To partake in life's symphony
In beautiful harmony.
Embrace your part in the orchestra.
Be yourself 
Just be
And flow with your Unique tone.
You are not alone.
You are One with Existence
Be in this place of grace.

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