fredag 10 oktober 2014

Poem - Dance of Freedom and Love

What a beautiful night.
There is such a delight.
Merry friends dancing around.
Singing, clapping, what a beautiful sound...
Silence inside, a peaceful abide.
a harmonious melody, an awesome symphony.
Spontaneity, freedom, expressing the Perfect oneness.
existence dancing with Herself.
Come dance along to this perfect song.
Leave your facades, your pressures, your stress and sorrows...
all is okay.
Just relax.

Take a step. Take another step.
Just be here in this dance, here in this freedom, here in this Now.
See how the worries fade away, when you lose your self
Moment after moment.
movement after movement.
In this spontaneous dance.
Take a chance and let's dance.
Freedom and peace. Is Here and Now
just embrace her and invite her to dance
Under the wonderous sky,with the moon and the stars dancing along.
Dance, lose yourself in the dance, uniting with the stars,the moon,
All people, and other apparent objects.
Dance until you realise that you been dancing with yourself, with existence, all along.
Dance and your problems will fade away.
Embrace this moment and dance.

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