söndag 27 juli 2014

Stillness, peace, unconditional love - Living as Awareness

Some good quotes: 
“The playfulness and joy of a dog, .. [her] unconditional love and readiness to celebrate life at any moment often contrast sharply with the inner state of the dog's owner — depressed, anxious, burdened by problems, lost in thought, not present in the only place and only time there is: Here and Now. One wonders: living with this person, how does the dog manage to remain so sane, so joyous?” [1]

[Note: I am against the breeding and other use of animals. All individuals have the right to be born in freedom, and not to a life where they are limited / controlled by someone else (regardless of how good they are treated).]

“Bring awareness to the many subtle sounds of nature — the rustling of leaves in the wind, raindrops falling, the humming of an insect, the first birdsong at dawn. Give yourself completely to the act of listening. Beyond the sounds there is something greater: a sacredness that cannot be understood through thought.” 

There is a 'place' of stillness, peace, and unconditional love. That's the unchanging Awareness that we are, that is aware of all our ever changing feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. 

1.I really recommend this book: Tolle, Eckhart (2009-03-25). Stillness Speaks (Kindle Locations 517-520). New World Library. Kindle Edition.


"We talk about 'body' and 'mind' as if they were two solid things. We talk about my body, my mind; your body, your mind. But, when we stop and take a fresh look, can we actually find something solid here called a 'mind'? Or, in this present moment, do we simply find thoughts coming and going? Isn't that all we can find - the dance of present moment thoughts? And we talk about the 'body', but when we stop and take a look, do we find something solid called a 'body', or simply this amazing, dynamic dance of present-moment sensations, waves arising and dissolving in the vast ocean of awareness? "

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