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Poems, peace, unconditional love, awareness

[Some of these are poems in progress]

You are Peace, not a fragmented piece
You act as if you are a fragmented piece.
Devoid of peace.
Broken hopes and  dreams.
Full of regrets.
Filled with problems and suffering.
Stormy waters, tsunamis of pain.
Searching, searching and searching for completeness in the future.
I have been there my friend.
I know how it feels.
You are welcome Home.
When you are ready.
Whenever you want to.
When you are tired of all the constant seeking.
When you are ready to embrace what is already Here.
Home – a place filled of stillness, peace and unconditional love.
Home – Where you belong.
Finally Home.
After years of seeking I am finally Home.
I have always been Home.
I just identified  myself with a fragmented piece,
and so I went out on a search for peace.
Like a piece of a vase trying to find the other pieces to become complete.
Not realizing that it was connected to the vase all the time.
Not realizing that it was already complete.
I was a perfect and timeless wase.
But 'I' was mistaken myself to be a wase all shattered into pieces around the globe.
And 'I' went out for a search to find the other pieces that 'I' thought 'I' needed to become complete.
'I' searched and 'I' searched. And after a while I found a piece that 'I' though made me complete.
And for a moment 'I' felt complete.
But the completeness faded. 'I' got disappointed. And 'I' went out for the search again, and agian, and again, and again.
Until I realized that the true Me is already Complete.
And I gave up my search and embraced My Completeness.

Welcome Life

Welcome joy
Welcome sorrow
Welcome uncertainty of tomorrow
Welcome sunshine
Welcome rain
Welcome peace
Welcome pain
Welcome fears,
Welcome tears.
I embrace you all.
I dont try to run away.
I don't try to hide.
or to suppress you into a dark corner.
In my deep abide I face you.
you caused me alot of suffering because I was mistaken myself for being a limited fragmented cluster of feelings, sensations and thoughts; instead of unlimited awareness.
now when I know who I am.
I dare to face you.
and embrace you.
And now I am free.
Too see and embrace reality
You and me are One
united in an unlimited Mystery 
I abide as Presence. In the Now.
In the midst of waves of tranquility or fear..
I am Home, I feel Home. I am free. And there is no other place I want to be.
When I stop identifying with the regrets of the past;
And broken dreams and worries of the future;
And when I embrace the intimacy of the Now.
There is peace and love in the background.


You complete me
You complete me.
You make me whole.
You make me fly.
With you I am all at rest.
All at peace.
In a timeless moment.

Like the Deep Ocean is at rest in the midst of all waves and storms.
I am Home.
This is where I belong.
I sought and I sought.
In relationships and in objects.
For completeness.
And for moments,
I stopped my search (after finding an object/entering into/healing a relationship).
And in these precious moments,
I experienced love/beauty, peace and completeness.
It felt like Two became One.
United in Love.

But, some thoughts of lack appeared.
Or conflicts arose.
And I started my search again.
And the peace and completeness seemed to go away.
Where did You go?
Or were You always there?
Always here?
You were always here.

When I stopped searching, I found You.
And remained in You as long as I didn't search.
Remained feeling embraced by the Deep Ocean of Love and Beauty.
But I attributed this experience to persons.
I thought I got the completeness from objects and persons.
So when the feeling of completeness evaporated.
I thought that the problem was in a relationship.
Or that there was something wrong with me.
There was never any problem.
You were always there.
Observing all seeking.

I am already complete.
But I have mistaking myself for being someone else (a separate-self/cluster of thoughts, sensations and feelings).
I am already and always at rest.
Two are always One.
Unlimited Love
Always united in Love.
Unlimited Consciousness.
If you are not understanding everything above/want to explore more, I recommend

Anders Branderud

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