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Human rights and animal rights, against violence and discrimination

This article will illustrate some ways that I help human rights.

I steadily encounter human right organizations that want to help humans by efforts that are harming and killing animals, in order to provide e.g. food and clothing.

How do they think that we can get a more peaceful and just world by inflicting completely unnecessary suffering, violence and death to sentient beings with an interest of not suffering and an interest of a continued existence? It is unnecessary, since they can provide nutritious foods for an optimal health from non-animal sources [1], and they can provide clothes created from non-animal sources.

Violence anywhere, hurts everyone, everywhere. A violent means, apart from being immoral, doesn’t work to reach a nonviolent ends.
As long as there as people think that violence can be justified for completely frivolous reasons, such as the violence in the production of animal foods, people will think that other forms of violence also are justified, that are much less frivolous.

A human rights-organization sees a need, e.g. a freezing child that is starving. They feed her/him animal foods and put on clothes from sheep wool. In this process animals are harmed, killed and exploited for completely frivolous reasons, frivolous since the starving and freezing child could have been fed by foods from non-animal sources, and clothed from non-animal sources. In the process of helping the kid, animals are exploited, people are taught to believe that violence is justified for frivolous reasons and that it can be used to help people; poverty and starvation is exacerbated because of all plants, water and energy required to feed the animal who is killed for frivolous reasons. People start wars, and use violence, for what they believe are justified reasons; because they have been taught that violence is a justified means (reinforced by having violence on their plates 3 times per day (violence that was used to produce animal foods), and using violence as their clothes everyday (violence that was used to kill and domesticate the animals used for fur, leather, down, etc.)) to reach a peaceful ends; and in this process poverty and starvation is exacerbated, which again human rights activists try to alleviate through being violent towards animals.  And thus this is all a vicious circle.

As long as human rights activists exploit nonhuman animals to reach their goals, we won’t have any end of all violence and injustice inflicted towards humans. And the same goes the other way around. As long as “animal rights” activists justify violence and harm against humans, including sexism, to promote animal rights, the exploitation of nonhuman animals will continue. It is all a vicious circle that only can be broken by opposing all violence and discrimination towards both human and nonhuman animals.

Here is one example of how feeding starving People animal foods exacerbate starvation, injustices and poverty:
“Currently, the continent as a whole has the arable land capacity to feed its entire population with plant protein, but it does not
have even close to the land capacity to feed all of its farm animals. The European Union found that only 20 percent of what Europe’s farm animals eat comes from the continent, while the remainder must be imported. Because most of these imports use up the land in developing countries, this animal-based method of feeding Europe contributes directly to the depletion of the resources of developing nations, thus contributing to their continued impoverishment. What it essentially boils down” (..)

“even if you are only concerned about human rights issues, you ought to be concerned about animal exploitation as well because it is directly connected to a significant human rights issue. As we discussed earlier, the amount of resources required to produce animal foods is multiples of what is required to produce plant foods. Although there are certainly political issues that hamper the distribution of food, it is also the case that animal agriculture and a diet of animal foods is increasingly a threat to world hunger, our water supply, our topsoil, etc.”

-Quote from Eat like you Care ; www.eatlikeyoucarebook.com

Note 1: See the end of http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/08/varfor-vegan-for-att-det-ar-omoraliskt.html

More references:

How violence and domestication of animals, leads to violence against humans:
Animal Oppression and Human Violence, by David A. Nibert, Professor of Sociology at Wittenberg University.



Fler resurser:
Richard Oppenlander, Your role in Global depletion:

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