fredag 2 november 2012

Errors in the Bible and in the Quran

Umair Javed,

He is correct about that the logical conclusion based on the available evidence is that there exists a Creator whom created this universe.

He assumes without any evidence that the Creator wants us to obey any of the big religions/any religion.
His claims about Judaism and Judaism being exclusively for those whom are born Jews is erroneous. If you study ancient Jewish sources you will see this.
I did for many years insist that the Creator wants us to obey an ancient instruction manual and I believed this manual to be Torah.
I even thought that I had proof…
However, when I started to study I saw that I was wrong about this.
There is no proof for Islam being the religion of the Creator.
Islam advocates killing of animals and some people – which the Creator never has given permission to.
Religious books are attempts by ancient men to either understand the will of the Creator / a way of gaining power.
If you rely on a religious book you rely on the understanding of the author/authors of that book. There is no guarantee that he/they is/are right.
I think that to determine the Will of our Creator we should use all of the capabilities we have, our intellect, love and compassion and all facts that are available; and to based on this make an as unbiased conclusion as possible about the Will of our Creator?

Surely, we can study different religious book and learn from them, but we shouldn't assume that they are right in all of what they do command.

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