lördag 3 november 2012

Ancient Israelites - erroneous understanding of Torah and god?


A few errors? Or much more than a few errors? If you research carefully and without a bias which filters pertinent facts – you will find out.
And even if a religious instruction manual was error-free or consistent with itself – what would that prove?
It still wouldn't prove that the instructions it contains originate from our Creator..
If you assume any religious instruction manual to be true and follow its moral commandments blindly without researching and using all facts available and all of your capabilities to discern if the commandments are desireable and moral, you may end up doing things that are not good.

”What does this have to do with serving our Creator David?? ”
How do we obey our Creator?
By assuming that an ancient people's understanding is correct? How would this be reliable?
How do you think the ancient people – e.g. the Israelites – came to conclusions about what they claimed to be the Will of the Creator?
How can you be sure that the commandments wasn't influenced by their own understanding – i.e. that there are commandments which are solely inspired by themselves and not by the Creator?

” How can you attack Torah from the outside and use outside resources to disprove something they know little about but only make general observations?””

Real, knowledgable scholars do have an intimate knowledge of Israelite culture and practises. Joining the Israelite religion doesn't give access to any secret knowledge.
In fact knowledgable religious Scholars study much more broadly than the vast majority of all adherents to any religion. Adherents to a religion often study very selectively and avoid facts which could cause them to question their religion. And if they ever would study such facts there bias highly affects what they are reading. The same mistake I did when I belonged to Christianity for six years and later to Judaism for five years.
An example of a Scholar is Moshe Weinfeld. I bought his book 'Deuteronomy 1-11'. I will not read it as most religious persons read their religious book – i.e. without questioning the facts and the con clusions made.

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