lördag 19 april 2014

PETA is promoting the gassing of chickens

PETA is promoting the gassing of chickens because that it is supposedly more "humane". I claim that promoting the gassing of chickens makes the public more comfortable about exploiting animals.
I don't want the public to exploit animals. Thus I am opposed to PETA promoting the gassing of chickens.

If the industry made a reform to change itself, which they would do without the involvment "animal rights"-organizations in order to increase their production efficiency, I wouldn't oppose this.
I am not opposing the reform I am opposing a supposedly "animal rights"-organization promoting the reform.

Obviously I would act exactly the same in an identical situation during the slavery era a couple of hundreds of years ago. I would advocate abolition and not reform.

"PETA explicitly recognizes that gassing chickens is an economically efficient thing to do. The symbiotic relationship between large animal groups and institutional exploiters is clear when we see that groups like PETA and institutional exploiters are involved in a drama whereby animal advocates target an economically vulnerable practice; industry puts up a token fight; the reform, or some modification of the reform, is eventually accepted because it does not harm, and usually helps, industry; the animal groups declare victory; the animal exploiters bask in the praise that industry gets from animal advocates. Only the animals lose."

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