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A vegan starchbased diet diet lowers blood pressure

By consuming animal foods you have a great risk of getting many diseases including cardiovascular diseases: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNeWCvLZaFM

Some of his writings:
“Blood pressure rises naturally in response when your blood vessel system becomes "plugged up," medically referred to as "an increase in peripheral resistance to blood flow." The pressure rises in order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues – this is the correct response for the body to take. The pharmaceutical industry's answer is to inhibit the natural mechanisms of the body, causing the pressure to fall. Unfortunately, this artificially reduced pressure does nothing to lower the risk for a heart attack and very little to reduce the chances of a stroke. Why? Because nothing helpful has been accomplished by the medication to improve the health of the blood vessels – the arteries remain fragile and ready to burst into a stroke or heart attack. Attacking the problem at the root cause – the rich Western diet – cleans up and strengthens the blood vessels, reduces the resistance to blood flow, and then the blood pressure falls naturally. In less than 2 weeks after a change to the McDougall Program, an average reduction of 23/14 mmHg can be experienced by people who begin with high blood pressure – 150/90 mmHg or greater – and blood pressure medications are stopped in most cases.

“The rise in blood pressure is a response to a sick body—the blood pressure goes up as a natural and proper adaptation—as an attempt to compensate for a plugged up cardiovascular system. After years of consuming the rich Western diet, the blood vessels develop blockages referred to as atherosclerosis, the artery walls stiffen, and the blood itself becomes viscous. All this change creates a resistance to flow, resulting in a decrease in the ability to deliver nutrients to the tissues. The body responds, as it should, with a rise in blood pressure.”

“The correct action for the patient to take is to decrease the resistance to flow by eating a healthy diet and exercising. Most people who follow the McDougall diet find their blood pressure decreases within a few days. Based on several collections of results from my clinic, the average reduction of blood pressure is about 14/11 mmHg in seven days, and at the same time medications used for treating hypertension are usually stopped. My customary protocol is to stop all blood pressure-lowering medications the first day of the Program, except for beta-blockers, which I slowly discontinue by cutting the dosage in half every two to three days. Unfortunately, not every patient experiences the reduction in numbers they desire. Despite their best efforts some people may need medications.”

How I treat patients with elevated blood pressure: http://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2009nl/nov/bp.htm

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