lördag 1 december 2012

Vegan pets? Vegan cats and vegan dogs? Unethical evolution.

Dogs are both thriving and being healthy on a vegan diet, including the 2 dogs me and my wife take care of and thousands of other dogs with a vegan diet. Learn more e.g. by this vetrinary: http://www.farmedanimalfriends.org/1/post/2013/05/the-vegan-canine-can-my-canine-companion-be-a-vegan-by-laurie-jeffreys-dvm.html
However, the animals that the dog food in the store are made of, are a product of slavery, extreme animal abuse and mercieless slaughter.
The choice is easy, both let the dogs be healthy and thrive and let all other animals on this planet be healthy and thrive.
We can never, ever justify inflicting unnecessary suffering and death upon animals, which is done each time a non-vegan choice is made, including the consumtion of meat, milk or other animal products, and killing another animal to feed e.g. a 'pet' that can be healthy and thrive on a vegan diet: http://articles.philly.com/2009-08-14/news/24986151_1_atlanta-falcons-quarterback-vick-illegal-dog-dog-fights

Learn more here: You can learn more here: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/03/vegan-diet-for-dogs-and-cats-what-is.html

Please don’t be insensitive to other sentient beings. They all are precious and all value life and their families.
Your dogs and cats are not more valuable than chickens or cows.
Furthermore, it is possible to feed animals a vegan diet and to ensure that they get enough nutrition.
Just to ensure that dogs get e.g. enough B-12 (it is possible to find it e.g. as a vegan supplement), and cats get enough ‘Taurine’, which can be supplied in synthetic form. It certainly requires lots of studies to ensure that ones pet get all of the required vitamins and minerals, etcetera, but it is definitely worth it and a must in order to live in an ethical way towards all sentient beings!
It is not OKAY to kill other animals just to be able to feed ones pet.


  • Camilla Allegret Letizia Pallara, I suppose you are not interested in letting information from an expert get in the way of your uninformed opinions. In case others are, here is very useful information on cat and dog nutrition - including facts about the health issues that meat-based nutrition can lead to - from veterinarian Andrew Knight: http://www.vegepets.info/
  • Anders Branderud Dogs can live and thrive on a vegan diet: http://www.farmedanimalfriends.org/1/post/2013/05/the-vegan-canine-can-my-canine-companion-be-a-vegan-by-laurie-jeffreys-dvm.html
    Domestication is inherently immoral:

    So you believe that we should kill hundreds of animals to feed a dog who can live and thrive on a vegan diet?
    How can this ever be morally justified?

    And the other discussion:
    How can you say that you care about animals when you kill hundreds of animals just for palate pleasure/convenience to feed yourself?
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    1. Tack för det här inlägget. Är inte själv helt vegan men lite halvt kan man säga. Just det här ämnet har jag funderat på. Köper ju kött till min hund... Även grisöron och sånt för att han ska få gnaga... Hm...

    2. Hej! Roligt att du uppskattade det!!
      Jag skulle Vilja rekommendera denna sida:
      http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach och denna bok: www.eatlikeyoucarebook.com/

      " Är inte själv helt vegan men lite halvt kan man säga"
      Varför är du inte vegan?

      Ha en fortsatt fin sommar! :)