lördag 15 december 2012

Religion and sacrifices of animals is immoral and abuses animals

We claim to take animals seriously.
We all agree that it is morally wrong to inflict
‘unnecessary’ suffering or death on animals. But
what do we mean by this?

Whatever else it means, it must mean that it is
wrong to inflict suffering or death on animals
merely because we derive pleasure or amusement
from doing so, or because it is convenient to do so,
or because it is just plain habit.

But the overwhelming portion of our animal use—
just about all of it—cannot be justified by anything
other than pleasure, amusement, convenience, or


Seriously. Just because that a religion sanctions death and suffering and exploitation of an animal - e.g. to steal the milk that is designed for and that her calf needs and murdering a cow - doesn't make it morally right.

Please don't promote the suffering, exploitation and death of innocent animals.

Just like the sacrifices of religions. It is so sad to kill innocent animals -and it is a transgression in itself - to "atone" for a transgression.

So you claim that animal abuse is a transgression of Torah. Then to atone for your sin (e.g. abusing an animal) you kill (the Israelites did this anciently and many hope to do it again)  and abuse animals e.g. on Yom kippur  : (

I don't think it makes morally or logical sense to abuse an animal by killing her to get atonement for abusing non-human and human animals.

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