måndag 8 juli 2013

Vegan reply to 'Morality is a matter of opinion'

“Morality is a matter of opinion”

You are claiming that morals are subjective, just like some may prefer tomatoes over cucumber.

Basically you are saying that:
“It isn’t morally wrong to murder. Rape isn’t morally wrong. Animal abuse isn’t morally wrong. Racism isn’t morally wrong. Nazism isn’t morally wrong. Sexism isn’t morally wrong. Heterosexism isn’t morally wrong. Other kinds of abuse, violence and discrimination aren’t morally wrong.”

You are saying that some prefer to murder other people and some prefer not to murder other people, but this preference is as relevant as is whether someone prefers tomatoes over cucumber.
You are saying that some prefer to be violent and discriminate based on irrelevant criteria, and some people prefer to show love, empathy, nonviolence and compassion; but you are saying that this fundamental difference is just a matter of opinion, e.g. some people prefer bananas over apples, or football over hockey.

I think this notion is completely mistaken and inherently immoral.
Basically, since you say that all of these issues are just a matter of opinion, you are also encouraging that it is okay to stand silent when people are being oppressed by people who adhere to sexism, racism, nazism, heterosexism, etcetera. Standing silent is being complicit with moral transgressions, discrimination and violence.

Our moral intuition says that it is morally wrong to cause other individuals unnecessary suffering and death – both humans and nonhumans. I strongly believe we should follow our moral intuition which leads to more love, compassion, empathy and nonviolence, instead of the theoretical construct and opinion that “moral is a matter of opinion” which only leads to more suffering, harm, violence and apathy in this world.

I recommend this article about moral realism: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/new-atheism-and-animal-ethics-some-reflections/
If we follow our moral intuition, and reason clearly about our moral obligations based on this, it leads us to fight against all violence and discrimination, including speciecism: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/human-and-nonhuman-rights-as-inextricably-intertwined-in-a-nutshell/#.UdrhcG1RfO4
And thus if we embrace our moral intuition that it is morally wrong to inflict animals unnecessary suffering and death, we will embrace veganism and go vegan. You will find further reading about this here: http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach

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