onsdag 9 juli 2014

Treat others as you yourself want to be treated. Be vegan

Love others as you yourself want to be loved.
Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.

Don't exploit others, as you yourself don't want to be exploited.
Don't kill others, not with a bullet when they are enjoying their day in the forest with their family, not with a hook when they are playing and relaxing with friends in the sea, not at a veterinary because that you claim you don't have enough energy to take care for them anymore. Don't kill anyone at all regardless of method, as you wouldn't want to be murdered even if someone did it while you where sleeping.

Don't breed others. Don't confine others. Don't deprive them of their family. Don't experiment on and exploit others in order to prolong your own life. Just as you don't want to be confined, deprived of your family, and be exploited for experiments.

Respect others and their fundamental interests. Don't use others for any purpose, including food, clothing, entertainment, education, companionship, help, vivisection, and all other purposes. It is not respectful and right to use someone without her mutual consent. Respect others, just like you want others to respect you and your fundamental interests; and you don't want to be used by others without your consent.

Don't breed up others to a life where they will be your property and their life will be controlled, and their freedom limited, to a large extent.

Dog, human, cat, mosquito, human, fish. all sentient beings have interests. Live a nonviolent and respectful life. Be vegan.

Learn more at: www.whyveganism.com

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