söndag 29 juni 2014

Why campaigns against factory farms, zoos, etc. promote speciesism

Colin Wright wroe:The reason that people who promote SICs (Single Issue Campaigns) don't understand why they are counter-productive is because those people think that the problems that they need to address are that humans commit atrocities against nonhumans in factory farms, zoos, labs, etc. etc. ad nauseam.
That's not the problem we need to address at all. The only way to fix all the problems with factory farms, zoos, labs, etc. is to eliminate the root of the problem. The root of the problem is speciesism.
So in order to eliminate the factory farms, zoos, labs, and all the other atrocities, including domestication in general, the only thing we REALLY need to do is... eliminate speciesism. Nothing else will help.
But, since all SICs are BY THEIR NATURE speciesist... engaging in them creates and fosters a state of speciesism in the people who do so. And since people who are willingly engaging in speciesism can't understand why speciesism is the problem, they are not making the connection why SICs are counter-productive (this is like the "racist" who thinks they are not racists simply because they know that ____ are inferior to their ethnicity).
Most people who engage in SICs claim that all we need to prove that SICs are productive is hard numbers as to who did what from SICs. But that's the error - hard numbers don't show whether the speciesist paradigm has changed in any significant way. Especially since there are MANY non-Vegans who call themselves Vegan because they are speciesist and don't really understand the term Vegan in the first place.
"Hard numbers" won't have any bearing on the issue. What will have a bearing on this issue is when we see more people exclusively educating others about Veganism and less people engaging in SICs. In essence, less speciesism and more Veganism.
That's not EVER going to happen from people engaging in SICs. SICs are the problem, they can't be the solution.
Edit: If you're going to try to argue against this, I suggest you use rational arguments that address the point made in the OP, not just Appeal To Emotion and other fallacies. Thanks.

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