lördag 21 juni 2014

Have you seen a baby deer shedding a tear?

Have you seen a baby deer shedding a tear? 
Looking for her mother that she can’t find.
Have you seen a dog rolling around in the mud? 
The heartfelt bond between a mother of any species and her child? 
The excitement of a dog playing in the forest? 
An animal mourning her best friend? 
An individual of another species enjoying her life in freedom? 
Have you experienced that these are feeling beings with their own will and desires? 

If you are consuming animal foods, buying leather, fur, down, or any other animal products; or if you are using animals in other ways - i.e. if you are not vegan: 
Then you are a part of depriving animals of their freedom and other interests. You are exploiting and oppressing other sentient beings. You are participating in harming the most defenseless and vulnerable individuals of our world. You are living a life of violence. You are bullying other beings who value their lives as much as you value yours. Individuals that desire freedom as much as you desire freedom. Persons whom want to live lives without anyone exploiting and harming them, just as you want to live a life without being exploited and harmed. Feeling beings that don’t want their family and friends torn away from them, just like you don’t want your family and friends torn away from you.

Please become aware and start to live like you care. Please act with your heart and stop tearing animals lives and families apart.
Be a person that gives, respects and loves, not someone that is not respecting others, exploits, harms and destroys. Be vegan.

Learn more at www.vegankit.com and https://www.facebook.com/ThoughtsPicturesPoems

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