lördag 17 november 2012

Religious people, truth, Torah? Use your compassion, love and intellect to be a good person

If you follow a religious book you are blindly following other people's eyes and heart - i.e. their understanding/claimed understanding. This is quite disastrous for millions of innocent animals and people suffering and getting killed throughout millennium. So why, o why, are you assuming Torah to be true?????
You are accusing me and other people claiming that we are not allowed to take the life of the Creator's sentient beings, of serving myself rather than the Creator --- but where is your evidence for this accusation??

I rather use and develop my compassion and love, intellect and logic - attributes which the Creator bestowed in us (without using all of my abilities given to me by the Creator) - then blindly follow a book with contradictions, errors and immoral killings and other immoral practices .

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