onsdag 28 november 2012

Bible, organic farming, slaughter

First of all,
Sorry for making an over-generalizing statement about ‘organic farming’ in the last post. My comment, written when being tired and very frustrated at the terrible maltreatment of animals and the big ignorance of it, was meant to criticize the myth of animal welfare of most organic farms. Furthermore, an explanation of what I was meaning was given at the link. I am aware that there are some farms that do treat their animals decently until the horrendous slaughter. People say that you can slaughter animals humanely. I disagree in that you can kill another innocent individual humanely. Surely there are methods that inflict the animal less pain; but you are still taking the life of another individual who love his family, love you (assuming you have treated him/her well) and love to live.

I believed in the Bible for 10 years (firstly as a Christian), observed the Torah for 5 years (after rejecting Christianity and NT); and now this autumn I came to the realization - based on facts, love, compassion and using all of my intellectual capabilities to pursue the truth - that the Torah contains errors and that the Creator didn’t give a soul/life to animals for any other species to take it. Animals - including humans - are meant to die when we naturally give up our breath.

I don’t agree with all PETA does. I don’t eat any processed ‘foods’. I eat very nutritious food and me and my wife love cooking.
Me and my wife plan to lives at a farm when we can afford it. Instead of contributing to the death of precious, sentient beings, we will have a safe haven where animals get to live their full life - just like the wonderful organizations ‘Gentle Barn’ and ‘Animal Sanctuary’.
My wife grew up at a farm. We live in an area with many farms and like being out taking walks. We haven’t yet found any farm that treats their animal well. Chickens all cramped up in a farm house getting sent to the slaughter house when they are 1 month old, in two farms they have pigs cramped up in small area - about 8 pigs in 6m^2. You can feel the smell from the pig house at a long distance showing that they don’t care for the pig’s health and environment.

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