fredag 10 oktober 2014

Poem - Raging waters, peaceful stillness

Silence, serenity, peace.
Clouded by attachment, nervousness,stress, problems of the mind.                                                     
Keeping me from being Here.
Here and Now.

Do I dare to be here?
To listen.                                                                             
To have the courage to just live just moment by moment.
Connected. Deeply touched by life..
Wonder of Being.
Wonder of seeing.           
Wondrous movement.
Wondrous moment.
Being still.
Being brought back into stillness.

Stormy waves try to shake me.
Separated I believe that I am the boat that can sink when the wind is raging, the waves are high, and the deck is getting all drenched, and water is filling the boat.
United with life I realize that I am the boat, I am the stormy waves.
I am the deep blue ocean, I am the raging wind.
And then suddenly all is okay.
The waves are flashing soaking me all wet.
I am still. Peaceful. Deep rest.
Listening to my heartbeat, breathing, being.
United with life.
Beautiful mystery.

/Anders B.

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