lördag 2 augusti 2014

Two pieces of a puzzles searching for completeness

Two pieces of a puzzle, feeling broken and incomplete, were searching for completeness.
One day they found each other.
They thought either consciously or unconsciously: If I only get together with that other piece – I will feel complete, and it will be an end to my suffering and to my problems.
Finally they connected and for a while they felt complete, for a while their suffering of being fragmented pieces was dormant.

For short, brief and Timeless Moments they gave up searching, possessing and wanting; and in those moments they were United With the Infinite Puzzle - experiencing Serenity, Peace and Unconditional Love.
But they erroneously attributed these experiences to their fragmented image of each other.
And searching and wanting to feel like a Complete Infinite Puzzle, mistaking and identifying themselves with a fragmented piece, they missed that they already are an Complete Infinite Puzzle.

One day conflicts arose, suffering arose, and the illusion broke to pieces.
The pieces tried really hard to get together again, they even tried subconsciously to manipulate each other because they wanted the other piece to look and to be in a certain way (to provide them completeness); and after a lot of hard efforts to get the relationship to work, and one piece trying to convince the other piece that they should stick together, suddenly one of the pieces accepted the puzzle just as it was in that Moment; and for a brief moment the searching and the wanting stopped. And in that brief Moment when the search and the wanting stopped for both puzzle pieces, when the Moment was accepted exactly as it is, they both experienced Unconditional Love and Peace.

But instead of understanding that they were all part of this Infinite Puzzle of Unconditional Love and Peace all the time, that they were the Infinite Puzzle in Every Moment, they attributed this experience to their own fragmented image of each other. And then when they started searching and wanting again, the experience vanished, and they continued their pursuit of wanting the other piece to fit perfectly into their fragmented view of the puzzle. 

Then conflicts arose again, and the illusion was shattered to pieces again.
After a lot of hard effort trying to become complete by connecting to one piece of the infinite puzzle, one of the pieces gave up.
She thought: This piece is not the piece that is going to complete me. She is the cause of the suffering and incompleteness that has now resurfaced in me. So she left and started to search for completeness elsewhere – looking for that one single, fragmented piece of the infinite puzzle, that miraculously would make herself feeling like an Infinite and Complete puzzle.
The other piece felt abandoned and suffered for a while, until she realized that there is no other piece that can provide completeness and happiness; and that she is already Complete, being One with the Infinite Puzzle.

It was always impossible, you see.
‘I’ was supposed to complete ‘you’.
‘You’ were supposed to complete ‘me’.
Two broken and fragmented pieces of an Infinite puzzle trying to become complete.
Yet, they feel broken.
Because they feel that there are pieces missing.
And then they start blaming each other.
‘It is your fault’ that I am not happy, that I am suffering, and that I am not complete.

Like two waves in the ocean who feel incomplete, because that they don’t realize that they are the Ocean.
They are two pieces in a puzzle feeling incomplete, because they don’t realize that they are the Infinite puzzle.

Like two trees in a forest feeling incomplete because that they don’t realize that they are the forest.
They are two humans in the world feeling incomplete, because they don’t realize that they are Inseparable with Life; that their true Identity is Unchanging Awareness.

They feel Incomplete because that they don’t realize that the puzzle already is Complete; that they are One with the Infinite Puzzle. That they are the Infinite Inseparable Puzzle.

They suffer and feel incomplete because they have mistaken their identity to be pieces of a fragmented and incomplete puzzle.
And they continue to suffer and feel incomplete as long as they pursue the impossible pursuit of finding completeness in other pieces of the Infinite puzzle. 

-Anders Branderud
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