tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Animal proteins vs eating vegan, will of God/Creator

Re. animals proteins.
Our body is not designed for eating animals.
The Creator did not give us the right to take the life of our Creator's sentient beings with a soul; and He did NOT design us for this. Just because a person states this is in "holy boo
k", doen't mean it is true. I actually assumed this for 10+ years, but eventually I was willing to question my premise.

Some evidence re. how the body of the human is designed:
"Since we are primates, designed best for a plant predominant diet, many people have a limited capacity to digest animal proteins efficiently. When we eat a diet rich in animal protein, our ability to efficiently cleave all the amino acid bonds may be limited. All the protein may not be totally broken down into its amino acid building blocks. There is evidence that when animal peptides (pieces of partially broken-down proteins) are absorbed. They can lead to the formation of antibodies against themselves. Our immune system will not only attack these foreign proteins, but it can also cross-react, attacking human proteins in the body that resemble the amino acid sequences found on dietary animal proteins.

In other words, because animal proteins closely resemble the amino acid sequences of human body proteins, our own reaction (antibodies) against inadequately broken down proteins (peptides) can also attack our own tissues. Plant proteins are less likely to cause this reaction, even if their peptides pass into the bloodstream, because they bear little resemblance to human proteins. Because we cannot efficiently dissolve animal proteins in the digestive tract and, frequently, consumption exceeds the digestive capacity, more incompletely digested peptides are apt to be absorbed. These peptides also results in the stimulation of unhealthy bacterial flora and the absorption of toxic bacterial by-products, which can create an inflammatory environment and, hence, immune dysfunction." [Quote: http://www.drfuhrman.com/disease/arthritis.aspx ]

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