lördag 2 augusti 2014

Peace and love in a fragmented world

Rustling leaves.

Swaying trees.

Dancing in the Now.

Birds twittering, rejoicing, being.

Singing, listening.

No worries at all.

Embracing the Present Moment

The Reality that most of humans forgot.

Nature is testifying and calling us.

Teaching us by example.

But most of us humans have lost the true Reality.

We are living in and clinging to the past or the future in their pursuit of identity and search of completeness, peace and happiness.

Entering into and clinging to relationships and acquiring objects to fill our wants, desires and needs, to become complete, to end our suffering; and leaving the relationships and/or objects when the illusion is broken and it is found out that the ‘other’ couldn’t complete us, and the suffering that was dormant resurfaces.

There is no real freedom.

Our lives are being governed by past conditioning.

We are being violent by treating each other (including all animals) as ‘others’.

We treat each other as fragmented pieces that can be used to fill our wants and needs for happiness and completeness.

We confuse Love with clinging and sticking to/using/entering into a relationship with someone or something to fill our wants, needs and our longing to be complete.

And in this pursuit (of all that was mentioned above) we are destroying each other, all animals and the world. (In relationships, in wars, in other interpersonal conflicts; causing emotional and physical harm and death to animals when we use them for entertainment, clothes, food (dairy, eggs, meat, fish, honey, etc.), vivisection, etc.)

Realization of our Oneness will bring Healing to the disharmony created by our erroneous view of seeing and treating ourselves and others as fragmented and broken pieces.

When we realize that We are Unchanging Awareness, the One Being aware of our ever changing thoughts/sensations/body/emotions. (You who are aware of your thoughts, emotions, etc., has never changed throughout all ‘your’ life; ‘your’ thoughts/emotions, etc. change all the time.)

When we stop identifying ourselves and others with ours/their past, ours/their mistakes or successes, good or bad self­-esteem, other limitations, or other images that we project.
When we realize and live according to this understanding, we can truly act out of True Love and Oneness; and stop treating each other as separate and broken ‘others’.

To relate to ‘others’ from the depth of our Being; instead of relating to each other from our fragmented and broken separate-self to our fragmented and broken image of each other.
In the moments we don’t live according to this understanding, we are perpetuating brokenness, disharmony and fragmentation regardless of ‘our’ best intentions.
When we live and embrace this Realization we will live in Peace, Love and Harmony. It will bring  true and lasting transformation.


And here ‘I’ am breathing.




Wanting to embrace the Now.

But maybe that’s the problem.

‘My’ wanting is seeking for an embrace in a future moment.

Embrace the Present Moment Now.

‘You’ are already embraced by the Present Moment.

You are the Present Moment. You are Inseparable Life.

‘You’ just need to realize this and embrace her back.







Inner Joy.

Calmness in the midst of the stormy ocean.

-Anders Branderud

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